Lean To / Traditional Conservatories

Optimise your conservatory space with a classic lean-to style conservatory.  Available in a size and colour to suit your home, lean-to conservatory roofs can be supplied in a range of pitches to fit any building, even bungalows or locations where height restrictions apply.

Mediterranean style lean-to conservatories often run in straight lines along the back of a house.  The end of the conservatory can be finished vertically or with either one or two hips (slopes) at the ends.  Both these types of conservatories maximise the available space created.

Our Lean-To conservatory is available to any width with projections up to 3m standard maximum, 5m bolster and 7m double bolster.


We are a FENSA registered company and provide complete peace of mind with all products and installation backed up with Insurance Backed Guarantees