There are many benefits of uPVC windows, some of the most popular examples include; durability, customisability, security, ventilation and eco-friendliness. The blog post will discuss each of these examples in more detail below.

Main benefits of Double Glazed Windows


uPVC is an incredibly tough material meaning that frames can cope against the most extreme weather conditions. This is especially important for properties located near the seaside or in rural locations. Good uPVC windows and doors are also coated to protect against ultraviolet rays (UV) which prevents the material fading in the sun.


With the development of modern technology, we are now able to supply customers with a series of customisable shapes, styles and effects. In the past, most uPVC windows, doors and external facias were white, meaning most homes were aesthetically similar. Now, we are able to tailor your products to your desired specifications. Why not use our free online quote builder to have a go at creating your new customised windows and doors.


One of the most important aspects of window and door installation is the security of your property. uPVC windows offer this security due to its incorporation of multi-locking systems, sturdy frames and double glazed panes of glass which will provide a high level of security for your home. 


uPVC windows are a great way to provide an efficient ventilation system to create airflow within a room. An example of a window ventilation configuration is ‘tilt and turn’. This consists of a two-window arrangement which can provide draft-free ventilation. Learn more about our various styles of uPVC windows


Most of our uPVC windows are now made from recyclable materials to sustain a long-term minimum impact on the environment. We also ensure when replacing old window and doors that they are disposed of correctly so that they can be recycled and reused for other products such as pipes, plumbing fittings and more.

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