Our homes have come a long way over the years originating from the Tudors, to the Edwardians, all the way to the modern day ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ houses.

Whilst our homes have gone through some major changes throughout the times, so has its most important feature, the front door. 

Composite doors are the latest instalment of doors that have gone down a treat with homeowners.

Unlike its predecessor, the composite door is made up of a mix of materials – designed to combat the downfalls single material doors presented. 

Why choose composite? 

Well, composite doors allow your materials to be hand-picked to take advantage of their unique qualities. They offer an affordable option without compromising on security or style – helping find the perfect balance between quality and design style without breaking the bank.

No brainer, right? 

Despite all the benefits composites offer, they’re not without their issues. 

Let’s look at the most common issues people face when choosing composite doors and, more importantly, let’s look at how to solve them.

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  1. Warping

The last thing you want after splashing out on a new, shiny door is to find that after a couple of months it’s already started to warp.

What if told you something simple like shutting the door properly could avoid this unnecessary expense? It’s true. 

One of the most common reasons for composite door warping is not lifting the handle when closing the door. Just think a door is heavy and when you just shut it, all that weight is resting on the latch. Lifting the handle ensures that you fully engage the top and bottom locks, increasing support and preventing warping.

So, next time you leave, remember, lift that handle!

2. Cracking/Creaking 

Whether it’s a creaky door or your composite door cracking, the problem may be the same. 

The size of your door frame may be the root of your issue. If the door frame is too tight for the door, this can cause the door to creak or crack or even worse, both. Even if the frame was the right size when first installed, it’s possible for the composite door to expand or contract throughout its lifetime.

Making your door frame bigger may silence that pesky squeak and stop that crack from appearing. 

3. Hard to lock 

Composite doors have the tendency to drop and this defect causes the locking system to misalign. 

A door that is difficult to close or lock could be a mechanical fault. 

A telltale sign that the problem is mechanical is the lock refusing to, or is hard to lock when open. If this is the case, the problem is most likely  a mechanical one and it’s time to call your door installer or arrange for a door repair from a local company. 

However, if the door locks when in open position, then an adjustment to the lock is all that is needed. Phew. 

4. Fading

Your door goes through a lot. Whether it’s rain, shine or snow, your door faces it all and sometimes it can tell. 

The weather has corrosive effect which can take a toll over time causing your door’s colour to fade. 

While there’s no such thing as composite polish (unfortunately!), there are numerous multi-surface plastic restorers out there – aiming to tackle fading and revive your door.

5. A draughty door

Not only designed for security but a door’s job is to keep the cold air out. So, a draughty composite door  is not exactly built for purpose. 

Every door has the possibility for being draughty, a composite door is no exception. 

A simple answer to why your door might be draughty is that there is something that is obstructing your door from shutting completely. Check there isn’t anything that is stopping your door from closing properly – things can get really stuck so make sure you check thoroughly.

Why QBD?

A surefire way to avoid these potentially costly headaches is only purchase composite doors that are of the highest standard. That’s where we come in. 

Here at QBD, we are focused on delivering our products to the highest standard and providing an exceptional service. Quality is our name (literally). 

We have been installing composite doors all across the South of England so we have a fountain of knowledge to draw from. 

We should be your first point of call for premium composite doors in the Cheltenham or Gloucestershire areas. Why not get an online composite door quote?