We love bay windows because they are charming, beautiful and functional. They allow for more light to come into the room which is great in winter months when we need a boost of natural sunlight. Bay windows also have the dual purpose of being both decorative and practical making them perfect for any home’s design.

Bay windows are a classic design feature found in many Victorian homes. They were originally created as the result of changes to building regulations that required larger window openings for natural light, but they have become more than just an architectural detail over time. Below we’ve compiled a list of creative decorating ideas to help you make the most out of your bay window area so have a look and get inspired!

Install Roman blinds

Roman blinds are the perfect solution for covering large windows with panes of glass. They come in a variety of styles and colours to match any décor, so they can even be used as a decorative element! When choosing your window treatment, measure each bay to make sure you know how much fabric will need to cover it before ordering. If there is no room at either end of the window frame for an extra strip of fabric that might hang over or if you want more coverage than just one layer, consider adding two sets side by side on opposite sides of the window. Another option would be using double-sided curtains instead since they won’t take up too much space when pulled back. This way you’ll have both privacy and light.

Create a window seat

One great way to maximise your bay window’s potential is by installing a window seat below the windowsill. You may find that this small change makes all of the difference when entertaining guests or just enjoying time at home with family. To create an inviting look for your new seating area, try matching fabrics between drapery treatments and cushions so that everything feels well-dressed together as one cohesive unit.

Add a desk or a hobby corner

A desk or hobby corner can be an excellent addition for a reception room with bay windows that’s used primarily as a home office, bedroom, and playroom. By adding this piece of furniture you will have all the benefits of having access to natural light during these activities while also not sacrificing any other floor space. You can also add a shelving unit for books and collectibles that can serve as additional storage. 

The bay windows are versatile and excellent for enhancing any room in your home or office.  

If you need help deciding what style would work best with your personal tastes, get inspired by looking at some examples that we’ve shared here today. Get started now by checking out these different styles and picking one that seems like the perfect fit for your living space.