When your front or back door stops working, it can become a bit of a pain. Especially when it is one of the main barriers to keeping your home safe and secure. 
If you’re having problems with your uPVC door, you may be able to create a temporary fix. 
In this blog post, we have put together a list of tips on how to open your uPVC door with a broken mechanism. 

Look for a replacement uPVC door mechanism

One way of checking whether your uPVC door mechanism is working is by putting your key in the door lock and attempting to turn it as you normally would. If you hear the familiar clicking sound like it unlocked, then it means your barrel lock itself is fine and the problem most likely resides with the gearbox.  
Unfortunately, every uPVC door requires its own unique gearbox dependant on the brand and model of the door. To check which gearbox you will need, look for the logo of the manufacturer, which is commonly located by looking down the lock or the metal strip that runs down the frame of the door.

Replacing the uPVC door mechanism

If you have discovered that you need to replace your uPVC door mechanism, the first thing you will need to do is find a store that stocks the correct mechanism for your door.
The next stage is taking out your old mechanism and fitting it with a new one. This is not the easiest task, and done incorrectly can cause further damage. For this reason, you may want to consider having a professional come and replace it for you. More so, you may want to consider replacing the door entirely.

Checking the door handle

If the mechanism does not seem to be the problem, it’s worth checking your door handle. If the handle on your uPVC door is loose and is stopping you from opening your door, there is most likely a problem with the ‘barrel’ part of your lock. To fix this, you should find the screw that keeps the barrel of the lock in place and tighten it. This should effectively tighten the door handle and make it safe to use.

Quality By Design can help

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