Before wintertime rolls around, it’s important to take the necessary steps now to make sure your home is ready. Making sure that your place is going to be warm, energy efficient and comfortable is paramount so here are some things we recommend focusing on to create a cosy atmosphere before winter arrives!

Inspect windows for draughts

If you’re worried about your heating bills this winter, take a few minutes now to check for draughty windows. This simple task could save you hundreds of pounds over the next six months. If you discover draughts in your home, it’s time to take action. Sealing draughty windows or replacing them with better insulated ones will not only save money but will also help to keep your home secure.

Install thermal curtains

When it comes to keeping your home cosy, thermal curtains are the best way to go. These curtains work by trapping heat from inside and blocking drafts from outside, which means you spend less money heating up. Not only do these curtains retain heat but they come in so many different styles and colours so there’s sure to be something perfect for whatever style suits your home decor – even if it’s not traditional curtain fabric!

Check your doors

If you want to keep your home warm this winter, make sure all doors are sealed tightly. Doors can be a place where heat loss occurs through gaps or spaces around them so check these before caulking or resealing. You might need professional help if your door needs replacing but this will ensure no more drafts!

Invest in a solid conservatory roof 

Installing a solid roof for your conservatory will provide extra insulation and reduce heating costs this winter. Window treatments like curtains or blinds can also help keep drafts at bay while adding some much needed privacy for when it gets dark outside in the evenings. Investing in these upgrades could save money on electricity bills over the years by preventing draughts which are one of the biggest contributors to heat loss through windows during cold months. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started with designing your new conservatory project!

From windows that will seal in warmth during cold months ahead to doors that provide added protection against intruders, our team is here with expert advice on everything related to keeping your property cosy all winter long. Is it time for a new window or door installation? Let us know!