The interior design trends are changing so quickly nowadays that it can be hard to stay on top of them. There’s always something new coming out, and it seems like every week there is a new colour or style you need to know about. But with so many new trends popping up every day it’s hard to know which ones will stick around long enough to invest in. 

We’re here to help! In this blog post, we have chosen the hottest trends this summer and we believe they are likely to last longer than just a holiday season! Read on and see how to make your home always look fresh and stylish.

Indoor/outdoor living

Today’s homeowners are looking for a balance between indoor and outdoor living. With the rise of working from home trend and post-pandemic need for more living space, this design trend is also popular because it helps keep homes more energy efficient in an age where climate change is becoming a greater concern. The best way to create an indoor/outdoor feel is by adding sliding doors or bi-fold doors that allow outside light into your home while still providing privacy from neighbours peering in as well as natural air flow. This creates a seamless transition between the inside and the outside of your home and builds ambience.

Green living

The idea of green living has been around for some time now, but the last few years have seen it become more mainstream than ever before. But what does green mean? It means the use of natural or recycled materials and products that promote sustainable practices, such as organic furniture and fabrics made from plants, bamboo flooring, and eco-friendly paints. It also means recycling your water, using solar energy for heating purposes or lighting needs in order to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth’s resources. There are so many ways you can make your home more green without sacrificing style! You will be amazed at how much money you save while doing something good for our environment.

Biophilic design

Do you want your home to be a “biophilic” space? What is biophilic, anyway? It is a design trend that focuses on the use of natural elements in interior decorating. This includes wood floors, furniture and fabrics made from natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk. The term “biophilic” comes from the Greek word for life and refers to the idea of living with nature. If you’re into eco-friendly trends, you should definitely try utilising biophilic principles in your home’s décor!

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas that you can incorporate into your home decor this summer. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or living room, spruce up your bathroom or bedroom decor – these tips will help get you started on the right foot this summer!