If you’ve been looking at treating your home to some new windows and doors, it’s likely you’ve encountered a number of different options. Availability of styles and finishes for your home are growing all the time, so it’s easy to be bewildered by the options on the table. QBD are here to help you cut through some of the jargon, and hopefully get you closer to making the right choice for you and your home. 
Here are some of the key pros and cons of the main window styles available. 

uPVC Windows

uPVC is by far the most common choice for new windows, and with so many benefits, it is clear to see why.


There are a number of key benefits to uPVC windows and some very good reasons as to why this is such a ubiquitous choice for people living in Cheltenham. 

  • Value for money. uPVC windows offer excellent value for money, coming in at the more affordable end of the market, while offering fantastic insulation and therefore energy efficiency in your home. 
  • Weather resistance. uPVC is non-porous, so the rain simply bounces off. This means less water getting into your home, while keeping the frames themselves resistant to damage 
  • Security. uPVC frames are available with a wide range of excellent locking mechanisms and are notoriously difficult to break into. 
  • Ease of Maintenance. With little more than a regular wipe with some warm, soapy water, you can keep your uPVC windows looking fresh and new for years to come. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Aside from the increased energy efficiency in your home, uPVC is also widely recycled and manufactured using environmentally friendly practices. 


Of course, with all those benefits, there has to be a trade-off. Some of the reasons you might look at a different material for your new windows include: 

  • Fewer customisation options. Although modern uPVC is available in a wide range of styles and finishes, including wood-effect and sash-style windows; there are fewer options available to you, particularly if you live in a period or character property. 
  • Adds less value to your home. Largely because of the reduced initial cost, uPVC windows add less value to your property than other materials. 


Less prevalent than uPVC but still offering a wide range of benefits, is aluminium. This is a great material if you want your home to make a statement. 


  • Modern look and feel. Aluminium frames look sleek and stylish and offer a uniquely modern finish to your home. 
  • More glass. Because the frames are narrower than their timber or uPVC counterparts, aluminium frames allow more glass to be fitted, making your home feel brighter and more airy. 
  • Strength. Aluminium is an incredibly robust material so it is less susceptible to damage. It will also withstand the elements better than timber. 


  • Cost. Aluminium is less abundant than other materials and so costs more.  
  • Can look too modern. If you live in an older property, the modern finish of aluminium frames can be at odds with the traditional appearance of your home. 

Hardwood Windows

Traditional hardwood windows are a fantastic choice for an older property as they can be used to maintain the rustic aesthetic while still offering the thermal properties of other modern windows. 


  • Wide range of styles. While uPVC is available in multiple finishes, with hardwood, you get the real thing so you really can get a look that complements your home perfectly. 
  • Security. Security is not compromised in the manufacture of hard wood windows, all of which offer the same security benefits as other modern window styles 
  • Energy efficiency. Likewise, there’s no reduction in the thermal efficiency of your windows when you go for hardwood frames. 


  • Maintenance. Of all the materials described in this article, hardwood requires the most maintenance. In order to protect your frames, you will have to stain them regularly, which can put some people off. 

Whatever your style of home, QBD Windows offer the ideal solution, with a wide range of options available. If you’re now a little closer to identifying the right material for your new windows, or if you’d like to discuss the options further, talk to a member of our team today.