Secondary glazing and double glazing both serve the same purpose but are different methods of improving a properties’ energy efficiency.For many homeowners upgrading their double glazing will probably be the go-to option.But for homeowners who, may not have the budget or may live in a listed building, secondary glazing might be a better option.Read this article to learn what the difference is between secondary glazing and double glazing and find out which may be the best one for you.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is the more cost-efficient glazing option out of the two.
If you’ve recently purchased a house and you don’t have a big budget to spend on double glazing, consider secondary glazing.
Or, if you live in a listed building, making changes to your home may prove to be difficult as you need to stay within the regulations of the listed building contract. Therefore installing secondary glazing gives you the best outcome. You can improve your homes’ energy efficiency without going against the listed building regulations.
Secondary glazing is where a second window pane of glass is installed, in most cases, behind the current single window pane to improve overall energy efficiency and to soundproof the home.
It also increases security as the second window is held together by an aluminium frame which is hard to break-through.
You will instantly feel the benefits as heat retention is improved in the property by having nowhere to escape unless you open a window or door.
You’ll also be able to hear a difference as noise pollution will be excluded up to 80% better than single glazing.
Therefore we believe that secondary glazing is a good investment for those who are on a limited budget or living in a listed building.

Double Glazing

If money is no object and you have the budget in place to be able to afford brand new double glazing, we would recommend going down that route.
Double glazing offers many of the same benefits secondary glazing has, however there is more of an opportunity for bespoke window styles that match your home and gives you a chance to customise not only the style but the colour, the hardware and accessories for your windows.
Between secondary glazing and double glazing, we would say that double glazing has the upper-hand due to the personalised customisation factor of choosing your own style, colour and accessories for the window itself.
Furthermore, double glazed windows offer slightly better energy efficiency levels and saves costs on energy bills, simply because you’re installing a brand new window whereas with secondary glazing you’re adding a windowpane to a single glazed window that’s already been installed for a number of years and may be outdated in its technology and performance.
By investing in new double glazed windows, you’re getting the latest in window system profiling and technology which will go a long way to sustainability and longevity of the windows.

Ready To Install Secondary or Double Glazing In Your Home?

Here at QBD, we offer both secondary glazing and double glazing options, so whichever you’re interested in, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.
Alternatively, use our online quote tool where you can input your own specifications and choose the window styles you want and design your windows online to see a visual representation of how they will look once installed.
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