Timber Doors

Our timber doors are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home, whilst also benefiting from enhanced security and energy efficiency. The range of colours and styles on offer means that you can find the perfect door to complement your property, whether it is traditional or modern in design. All of our doors are made from sustainably sourced wood, so you can be sure that they are durable and will stand the test of time. For added peace of mind, our doors are also fitted with modern features such as intruder-resistant locks, making them resistant to forced entry. So if you are looking for a beautiful and functional door that will keep your home safe and sound, look no further than our range of timber doors.

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French Doors

If you combine a traditional style with traditional materials but with modern features, what do you get? Our Timber French doors!

Patio Doors

Our Timber Doors are available in a range of styles suitable for a patio, including our French and Sliding doors.

Stable Doors

Our Timber Stable door is a traditional barn-style door, perfect for cottages or farmhouses.

Sliding Doors

See more of the outside with our Timber Sliding doors that offer uninterrupted views of your garden.

Front Doors

Do you like to maintain a traditional style to your home? Then our Timber Front doors are perfectly placed to complement your aesthetic.

Tilt and Sliding Doors

Our Timber Tilt and Sliding doors allow for ventilation of your home without having to open the door.

A classic door with all the modern benefits 

The timber door has been a favourite with homeowners for hundreds of years. Today, timber doors are still a very popular choice of door with homeowners looking to add a traditional aesthetic to their home. 

Like with any type of door, it is important to choose a high-quality product  from a trusted door supplier to achieve your desired look. 

At QBD, we believe our customers should never have to compromise on quality which is why all of our timber doors are manufactured to the highest standards to provide your home with the perfect entrance. 

Our timber doors have all the classic charm of this traditional door with all the benefits of a modern door. 

We understand that security is extremely important for every homeowner. That is why our timber doors are built with security in mind and fitted with the latest locking system. You can rest assured that your timber door has your home protected. 

Available in a range of styles and finishes, doors from QBD will match any property!

Why choose timber doors from QBD in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire? 

  • Impeccable build quality 
  • Fully bespoke and designed by you 
  • An exceptional range of finishes and styles available 

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