The sliding door – a stunning view of the outdoors 

Seamlessly connect your home to the outdoors with our beautifully designed Origin Sliding Doors. 

Origin aluminium sliding doors embrace modern indoor/outdoor living, drawing the outside world into your home. 

Linking the inside and outside together to create a seamless transition is the main aim of an Origin Aluminium Sliding Door. That’s why you have a choice of sightline options. See what these different sightlines have to offer below.

Origin Artisan Slider

Barely visible sightlines of 20mm, the Origin Artisan Slider can create an exquisite look by making a wall look like it’s nearly entirely made of glass.

Not only can it withstand extreme weather, the Origin Artisan Slider can accommodate large glass expanses. This allows for breathtaking views of the outside world, and allows for versatility in size.

Origin Patio Slider

Available in either 44mm or 77mm sightlines, the Origin Patio Slider offers a great choice between flooding your home with natural light, or creating a more traditional aesthetic.

No matter the style of your home, the Origin Patio Slider’s classic look is suitable for any home.

Both the Origin Artisan Slider and the Origin Patio Slider are crafted from a high grade aluminium

Manufactured in the UK by Origin, our sliding doors combine flawless design with unrivalled security, so they not only look the part, but also offer ultimate peace of mind. 

Why choose an Origin Sliding Door from QBD?

  • Over 150 RAL colours to choose from 
  • Fully bespoke and designed to your requirements 
  • Complete configuration control 
  • Ultra-secure design mechanisms 
  • Unmatched thermal efficiency 
  • 3 sightline options

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