Composite Doors

Composite Doors are often chosen as a front door – for good reason.

A Composite Door provides a high level of security and sound insulation due to its strength and structure, whilst still retaining the ability to be customised through a range of colours and hardware options.

Whether it’s a grey composite door, anthracite composite door, or any other range of colours – it’s likely we’ll be able to meet your needs.

Why choose a Composite Door in Cheltenham or Gloucester

When looking for a replacement door, whether it be a front door or back door, the number one thing you want it to do (other than open!) – is to keep your house secure.

That’s why, in increasing numbers, homeowners are opting to have composite doors installed in their homes, because of the high level of security that they provide.

At QBD, we have been installing composite doors in homes up-and-down Cheltenham and Gloucester; so much so that you have probably seen one of our composite doors before and just not known it!

Product Colours




Irish Oak


Chartwell Green

Light Grey

Golden Oak


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