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Unrivalled functionality, effortless versatility

Cleaning your windows can be a time-consuming process and hiring a window cleaner can be costly. However, our tilt and turn windows take all the effort out of cleaning your windows. 

Unlike conventional windows which open in one way, tilt and turn windows offer you greater flexibility as they can be opened in two ways. Thanks to their special hinge mechanism, tilt and turn windows can open inwards, or tilt from the bottom so that the top is angled inwards. 

Our tilt and turn windows provide a versatile alternative compared to other styles of windows – which explains their popularity. 

Not only that, our  windows are designed to be a headache for would-be burglars. Not only does the robust internal hardware with multiple locking points make the life of unwanted guests harder, but the inward-swing hinges of tilt and turn windows secure the window from being forced or pulled open from the outside – for ultimate peace of mind. . 

Make the smart choice and install tilt and turn windows from QBD.

Why choose tilt and turn windows from QBD 

  • Impeccable build quality 
  • Fully bespoke and designed by you 
  • An exceptional range of finishes and colours available 
  • Manufactured in the UK
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