Social media has quickly become a part of our everyday lives. Platforms like Instagram are a great way to showcase every aspect of your life – including your home. 

Whereas before only kerb appeal mattered, people are now looking at our homes online so ‘gram appeal’ is important too. 

But how do you make your home insta-worthy? 

One way is by installing a bi-fold door in your home. 

In this article, we take a look at how a bi-fold door can make you proud to show off your home in real life and online and make any home completely insta-worthy. 

  1. Go bold with colour 

The colour of your bi-fold door is usually the first thing people will notice. With so many different colour options available, it has never been easier to showcase your personality with the colour of your doors. The colour you choose for your bi-fold door can completely change the look and the feel of your home. For example, a yellow bi-fold door is completely unique and is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. When it comes to color, to catch people’s eye,  sometimes being bold pays off. 

  1. Think hardware 

The colour, finish and style of your hardware should also be considered. For example, you should think about matching the colour of the handle to the colour of the door so that they compliment each other.

  1. Add Georgian Bars 

Not only will Georgian bars add a second layer of protection against break-ins but they will add a striking feature to your bi-fold doors which is perfect for traditional or contemporary homes. Instagram is all about standing out and with Georgian bars you will certainly do that. 

  1. Go slimline

Where bi-fold doors shine is when it comes to connecting the inside of your home with the outside space. By opting for slimline frames you can make the most of this, enjoying panoramic views and a minimalistic look that looks sleek and clean. Your home will not only be brighter but will feel much bigger too. 

Choose a Origin bi-fold from QBD 

There are so many ways you can customise your bi-fold door to be unique to your home and create a focal point that will transform your space – perfect for Instagram. 

Unfortunately, not all bi-fold doors were created equal, that’s why it is important to choose high-quality bi-fold doors from a trusted door supplier. 

At QBD, our aluminium bi-fold doors from Origin are manufactured to the highest standards and crafted to perfection. Durability, aesthetics and energy efficiency are just some of the things that our Origin bi-fold doors have going for them. Create a home that will wow any guest with a beautifully bespoke bi-fold door from Origin. 

If you’re interested in installing an Origin bi-fold door in your home, get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to start the process. Or better yet, request a free quote today.