Transform your home with Origin aluminium windows and doors, expertly made in the UK

A home is not just a house. It is your safe haven, your office, your children’s play area and so much more. Origin’s vision is to be able to transform your home to the way you need it to be; practical, enjoyable and most importantly safe – from the inside out.

Aluminium Windows

ORG1865 French Window Anthracite

Not only do these windows boast unmatched durability and exceptional energy efficiency, but they also offer a diverse array of styles to cater to every discerning taste.

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Aluminium Front Doors


Our range of front doors are made from exclusive premium-grade aluminium, enabling you to easily create a personal statement, because first impressions matter.

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Aluminium Internal Doors

ORG3813 Home Office

Our Aluminium Internal Doors are made from ultra-strong, steel-look aluminium, ensuring a stylish, durable and environmentally friendly solution for separating a room.

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Aluminium Sliders

Origin Slider 4

Our sliding door range delivers first-in-class design and provides the most spectacular finish for any building project.

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Aluminium Bifold Doors


Our aluminium bifold doors provide a completely uninterrupted view, allowing flexibility for you to enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces as one.

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Aluminium Corner Doors


Corner Bi-fold Doors offer the perfect way to enhance an unconventional layout, complement certain types of builds or simply open up more space in your home.

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Why choose Origin windows and doors from QBD? 

  • Exceptional build quality 
  • Fully bespoke and designed by you
  • Over 150 RAL colours to choose from
  • Enhanced security features 
  • Practically maintenance-free 
  • Sustainably-made

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