A conservatory to last a lifetime 

Come rain or shine, your conservatory has to face everything the elements throw at it, so it is important that it is durable. It doesn’t get much tougher than our aluminium conservatory designed to face all weather conditions. 

When it comes to conservatory construction, aluminium is one of the most hardwearing materials meaning that it will not only stand up to bad weather but it also wears well and can house large panes of glass. 

Thanks to the design of our aluminium conservatories, they will make a stunning addition to any style of property. 

If you are concerned about your effect on the planet then you will be happy to hear that aluminium is 100% recyclable making our conservatories eco friendly. 

Our aluminium conservatories don’t require regular maintenance either as they are not susceptible to rotting or warping making them practically maintenance-free. 

Create a living space that is truly unique with an aluminium conservatory from QBD.

Why choose an aluminium conservatory from QBD? 

  • Impeccable build quality 
  • Fully bespoke and designed to perfectly match your home
  • An exceptional range of finishes and styles available 
  • Manufactured in the UK

Lean-To Conservatory

This provides a cost-effective conservatory and is one of the most popular styles. Lean-to conservatories are the ideal solution if you have limited space.

Victorian Conservatory

The expansive area of glass afforded by their bay windows makes Victorian conservatories an ideal choice for anyone wanting to enjoy uninhibited views of their garden.

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories are built in either a square or rectangular format. This means that not a single square inch will be wasted.

P-Shaped Conservatory

If you have limited room in your property, P-shaped conservatories will provide you with the additional square feet you need.

Gable End Conservatory

A gable-end conservatory can add real grandeur to your home. Gable-end conservatories date back to the Georgian style, of which modern gable-end conservatories are a variant.

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