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Offering a versatile shape adaptable to your home 

Can’t decide between a dining room or a lounge area? Why not have both? With a P-shaped conservatory, you can benefit from essentially two conservatories under one roof. 

Distinguishable from its unique shape, our P-shaped conservatories are the perfect way to maximise your home’s living space. 

No matter the style of your property, our P-shaped conservatories will make a stunning addition to any home. 

With a beautiful, bespoke P-shaped conservatory you can create an extra living space that is truly unique. 

Unlock your home’s potential with a P-shaped conservatory from QBD

Why choose a P-shaped conservatory from QBD? 

  • Impeccable build quality 
  • Fully bespoke and specifically designed to complement your home
  • An exceptional range of finishes, colours and materials available
  • Manufactured in the UK

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