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Authentic countryside aesthetic coupled with effortless ventilation 

If you’re looking for a rear door that is truly unique then our stable doors are the ideal choice. 

Whether your home is traditional or more modern, our stable doors will add that country feel to it. 

Unlike standard rear doors which have a single opening, stable doors are split in two, a bottom half and a top half that can be opened and closed independently of each other. This means that you can use your stable door in a similar way to a window – by opening the top half to let some fresh air into your home. 

Another common use for a stable door is to keep an eye on the kids. Being able to open just the top-half of an internal stable door can allow you to make sure they’re not up to mischief whilst in another room.

Our stable doors aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but they go a long way in protecting your home from break-ins. Your back door is a prime target for burglars so it is crucial that they resist burglary attempts. Built with security in mind and fitted with sophisticated locking systems, with our stable doors, you can rest assured that your home is well protected. 

Transforming your home’s appearance has never been easier with stunning stable doors from QBD. 

Why choose stable doors from QBD? 

  • Impeccable build quality 
  • Fully bespoke and designed your way
  • An exceptional range of finishes, colours and materials available 
  • Manufactured in the UK 
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