The Cotswolds region is well known for its traditional architecture. The homes in this area are typically made up of stone, brick or flint and feature tall chimneys. In order to maintain a sense of continuity when renovating your home, it’s important to pay attention not only to what you put inside but also outside – especially if you want people walking by on the street to feel like they have stepped back in time! When choosing doors and windows, be sure to match them to the style of the house so they don’t stand out as an eyesore.

Flush Sash Windows

If you are renovating your Cotswolds house, it is worth noting that sash windows were the traditional style of window for this region. That’s why, the best way to match the look and feel of a typical Cotswolds home is with flush sash windows. They will help you recreate this traditional look and will also help lower the bills due to their energy efficiency and great insulative properties!

Yorkshire sash windows

Yorkshire sash windows are a beautiful match for the traditional style of Cotswolds houses, and they can be found in many different colours. If you’re looking to maintain the aesthetic of your country-style home, try opting for coloured frames, for example muted green or ivory. Adding astragal bars will add even more rustic charm!

Timber windows

Nothing says countryside like traditional timber windows. Timber windows are a perfect match for the traditional style of Cotswolds houses. They can be installed to match your exterior stone facade colour, or they can complement an existing colour scheme with their rich wood tones.

Stable doors

If you are considering replacing your door, make sure to pick one that matches the rustic appearance of your property. The traditional look is usually best for this type of architecture and will give off a warm feeling when visitors come in. Stable doors definitely have that rural feel to them and they are also very versatile due to their mechanism. Traditional, stable doors are not only a nice finishing touch to your Cotswolds home but they also provide security and peace of mind.

As you can see, having windows that match the style of your house is important. It makes your home feel complete and gives it a cohesive look. And it’s especially important if you are lucky enough to own one of the stunning, picturesque Cotswold stone houses! The choice of windows and doors should be careful, in order to preserve the countryside look and complement the heritage vibe or this quintessentially British style!

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