With summer soon becoming a distant memory, it’s time to prepare your garden for the autumn and winter months. 
Autumn can be a tricky time for gardening, especially due to the falling temperatures and extreme weather conditions. 
However, in this blog post, we have put together a few gardening ideas to keep your garden looking in tip-top shape over the winter months. 

New Introduce plants and trees to your garden  

To brighten up your garden throughout the winter period, try introducing some colour with winter trees and plants. Although many plants are dormant over winter, there are some that can grow their flowers during cold temperatures. 
Below, we have compiled a list of plants which are suitable to grow during the autumn/winter months. 

Japanese Quince

This is a woody shrub that possesses thorny branches that bear pink cup shaped flowers which bloom through winter as well as early spring. Japanese Quince are perfect for interjecting colour into your garden through the dull winter months. 

Japanese Quince


Winter flowering pansies are an affordable and colourful flower which can be used to spruce up boarders or used to make stunning winter hanging baskets. These flowers can be bought from most gardening centres as well as major supermarkets.



Hyacinths are bulbous perennials that can be used to inject lots of colour into the garden during the winter months. They produce a fragrant smell, proving your garden with a hint of summer all year long.


Clematis Cirrhosa

If you’re looking to add a Christmas feel to your garden, clematis is the perfect perennial to do this. In bud, the flower almost looks like a snowdrop and bloom into a creamy colour.


Attract wildlife

The winter months can be a great time to attract wildlife to the garden and protect them from the cold outside. During the winter months, wildlife are often vulnerable and need extra care. You can do this by installing several bird feeders in your garden as well as a bird bath to provide them with food and water during the winter season.
Hedgehogs are another species which are in need of extra attention throughout the autumn months. Why not install a hedgehog house beneath the shrubbery in your garden so that the hedgehogs can hibernate and keep warm throughout the winter.

Maintain your garden

Maintaining your garden throughout the winter can sound a bit of a chore, but it can be really fun and a great way to keep active. Clearing the leaves, planting your winter flowers, and putting away your furniture, are all essential tasks which can keep your garden clean and tidy and prepared for the summer.

Keep your home warm this winter

As well as maintaining your garden, it is also a good idea to prepare your property for the colder weather. Here at QBD, we provide Cheltenham and Gloucestershire with a range of uPVC windows and doors which can improve the thermal efficiency of your home this winter.
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