Everything is being seen from a new perspective now that the year 2023 has arrived, including our interiors. Our preview of home design trends to watch in 2023 show that sustainability takes the forefront position when it comes to decorating our spaces. 

These 2023 decorating trends will give your space the ultimate update.

Wavy Stripes

In the world of design, wavy stripes are quite literally creating waves, and there is a good reason for this. There will be an increasing trend toward hues, patterns, materials, and shapes that give people a sense of emotional safety as the value of the home and its function as a haven for solace, sanctuary, and protection grows.

Waves are frequently connected to water and the ocean, both of which are known to promote feelings of serenity and relaxation. Therefore, wavy striped patterns are ideal for promoting moments of mindfulness in the home.

Sustainable Materials


Because of the interior industry’s efforts to become more sustainable, both consumers and designers are looking for ways to reduce global waste rather than contributing to it. There are many materials that are thought to be environmentally friendly, including rattan, bamboo, cane, and linen. Cork and aluminium are expected to become more prevalent in homes starting in 2023 and continuing into the future.

The earthy, calming effect of cork’s natural brown colour and its rough, bark-like appearance instantly put you at ease. Cork also adds texture, warmth, and cosiness. Aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly metals you can use in your home because it can be recycled.

It also makes for stunningly sleek windows, doors and other home improvements whilst offering energy efficiency for the ultimate sustainable home. Mixing the aluminium with softer hues, like those in wood and cork, will prevent your space from looking cold. 

Layered Lighting

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After colour, lighting is the second most crucial design component in your house. We are starting to notice an increase in layering due to its adaptability to different materials and sculptural shapes. Layering your lighting allows you to experiment with various lighting designs while also adding warmth and cosiness to the space.

Layer your lighting by using illuminated pockets on the walls, floor lamps with striking linear lines to divide spaces according to their function and style, and dramatic pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Natural lighting can dramatically improve your home; you can achieve this by upgrading to larger windows, adding skylights, or building a conservatory. 

Flourishing Florals

We anticipate that the desire to decorate sustainably will remain widespread. Interiors that celebrate the flawsome trend, a design aesthetic that brings back the beauty and gives new life to previously hidden objects or artwork, will be on display. We anticipate that contemporary interior design will reflect this notion that we can create a distinctive identity by fusing the new with the old and repurposing used materials.

Ceiling Features

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The most popular ceiling features right now are skylights, as they can help cut energy costs and make a room feel lighter and brighter. Ceiling decor is becoming increasingly popular. The ultra-glossy reflective finish is another current trend.

The room appears larger because of the glossy surface’s optical illusion, especially when using lighter colours. Lastly, paint the ceiling in a bright, non-traditional colour to draw attention to the ceiling in a room with small dimensions. 

Wallpaper Borders

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Wallpaper borders are being used to give your home a pop of colour, pattern, and personality. Wall borders may be the ideal way to add subtle patterns and colour to your spaces, especially with the popularity of dopamine decor and the increase in crafty and creative interior design.

Overall, 2023 is predicted to be a year of sustainable, fun, and experimental interior design decor. If you’re interested in making some home improvements this year, browse our website for more inspiration!